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    Epifania Maphosa

    Blogging Coach, Author, Entrepreneur

    Who Is Your Instructor?

    Epifania is an award-nominated blogging coach, author and entrepreneur with many years of SEO experience and content creation.

    In this 10-day email course you get to take advantage of her knowledge and expertise and learn how you can improve and self-audit your website's SEO.

    What will you learn?

    • How SEO works and creating SEO goals
    • The Technical Aspect of SEO
    • How to analyze keywords for SEO
    • How to analyze your competitors
    • How to improve your site's user experience
    • Writing and creating SEO-friendly content
    • Link building for SEO
    • Simple hacks to drive traffic
    • How to bump up conversions through marketing and promotion
    • How to track your SEO progress